Frozen Skies, one of Germanys most uprising talents in Trance music comes up with his new single „Eternal Flame“ together with Singaporean singer and songwriter Rebecca Louise Burch. Burch, who celebrated her debut on Armada Music, delivers the perfect and emotional vocals to the track. The single features two editions, of which one is a remix edition.

What is this and what do I get?
You will get the entire release before anyone else. The Bundle includes the regular release that is set to come out on October 23, 2015 aswell as the Remix Edition coming 2-3 weeks after the initial release. Both of this you will get within 24 hours by mail after you bought it here.

What does it cost & include?
The PreOrder bundle comes with a pricetag of 6,99€ including 16 MP3’s as digital download, which is more than half of the price of a regular download on iTunes.

If you have troubles or something went wrong during the payment, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me by mail (see Imprint).