Frozen Skies feat. Jessy Cole – Deep Down Below

Following his international chart success „Where We Belong„, Frozen Skies – one of Germanys most suprising and most wanted upcoming Trance producers – comes up with an absolute Trance classic cover version of „Deep Down Below“, which was originally performed by the legendary Trance and Rave duo RMB (e.g Redemption, Spring, Reality..) back in 2001. Including a massive remix pack, this release is a must have for everyone.

Frozen Skies explaining to actor Nadine whilst shooting the video. Note: She is not the singer in the song.
Frozen Skies explaining the script to actor Nadine on the set

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Standard Edition, available 24.04.2015:
01. Extended Mix
02. Chris Excess Remix
03. Lock & Load Remix
04. TheMasks Remix
05. Fernando T.R. Remix
06. Joren Heelsing Remix
07. Altur’Rang Remix

Second Edition, available 22.05.2015:
01. Chris Excess Remix Edit
02. Derek Aether Remix
03. Kuyav Sky & Aredis Djeghalian Remix
04. Reece Weston
05. R3duB Remix
06. Project Blue Sun Remix
07. Gattaga Remix

Compilation Exclusive, available 2015:
01. Norm Vork Remix
02. Asli Remix