About Me

Hello stranger! Glad you found my page and that you may be interessted in what I do or who I am. Here’s some details about myself. My name is Christian, I was born on 29th of October, 1990 in northern Germany.

1990 – 2000
It’s embarrassing and cool at the same time – the 90s probably had the worst and some of the best music of all past decades. Native processing has become a big deal while I grew up and so did the electronic music with me.

2000 – 2002
I began making music at the end of 2000 – early 2001 – when I was 11 years old. It basically began with the question about how to make electronic music. A friend of the family brought me a „software“ called „eJay“ – which was a pretty much a video game about to make music, developed by Empire Interactive. I was quiet fascinated by the things you could do with this software, but I thought this can’t be it – and I was right.

2002 – 2006
After a while messing around with it, I wanted more. The possibilities in the software were highly limited and pre-set. (Of course they were, cause it was a video game). Early 2003 I was looking out for software, that was developed for professional music production and stumbled upon FL Studio 4 by Image-Line. I gave it a try, coming from the knowledge of being able to handle a video game, to use a professional production tool was quiet a task, even though FL Studio – in my opinion today – is the easiest to use software on the market.

2006 – 2009
I’ve spent some time getting into the software, though I tried some demos of other tools like Logic or Ableton, but it always pulled me back to FL Studio. I’ve released a whole ton of really terrible tracks for free on Germany’s biggest amateur music platform MP3.de back then. Unfortunately it doesn’t excist anymore. I’ve been a big fan of Schiller, a German Ambient artist, and got a lot influence of that music, so my music became more and more ambient and chillout. Then I founded „Atlantic Project“ along with a good friend of mine. Whilst Atlantic Project became quiet popular, featured on several international webradio stations and websites – untill we decided to shut down the project in 2009. During that period I’ve met some people on several platforms who I don’t want to miss today, because they changed my entire story.

2010 – 2012
In late 2009 I came in touch with „Deefour“ also known as Frank Dase, Label CEO of „Ill Fish Recordings“. Somehow he allwed me to remix one of his singles („Crazy“) – and overall that has been my first step into commercial music production. Over the years I noticed that electro house or whatever you wanna call it, may not be that type of music that I’m really into. I just fell wrong placed in a genre that I didn’t even wanted to produce. Over time, I noticed that my „electro house“ music became more and more you could call „Trance“ and I noticed that I was enjoying this a lot more, than I did before. A couple of weeks later, Ill Fish Recordings was shut down and I got in touch with Dieter Stemmer.

Stemmer is one big name in the entire scene, due to his past history of Electronic Dance Music in Europe. He had run the famous labels „Dance Streets Records“ and „House Nation“ before with Artists like „Sequential One“ – today, better known as ATB. In early January 2011 I produced a track called „X“ and uploaded it to YouTube, to see how people will react to „my own style“. Dieter gave me the chance to release it later that year. The same month I also took part on Steve Aoki’s competition for „Ladi Dadi“ feat. Wynter Gordon and made it up to the best placed positions. Though I havn’t won, I’ve won something – because during the next months, multiple thousands of people were aware of me. I got myself a business registration as a producer and prepared the release of my first commercial track – „X“ – it was released and became a great success in several charts, even though I don’t care much about charts, I was slightly proud.

2013 – 2014
Over the years I’ve met so many talented producers, that in July 2013, I made myself a dream come true, along with the full support of Sounds United Records, I was able to found my own label, „Arcadia Moon Records“, in order to find and support entirely new producers and to give them a chance to establish. I’ve met a whole ton of amazing people, some of them were / are fans, some of them are producers that I’ve used to listen to in my childhood like RMB, Sash!, Guru Josh and Master Blaster just to name a few. (Which for some reason is especially awkward for me ).

And here we are. I’m doing my own thing and I got a great support over the years by everyone of you, confirming that you guys like what I do. For me it’s still hard to imagine that there’s so many people out there who like my music. Especially when it comes to tracks like „Coming Back“ with more than 16,000 hits. It’s insane and I have to thank everyone of you for making me able to build up my dream. Let this only be the beginning of my journey.