Frozen Skies feat. Rebecca Louise Burch - Eternal Flame
Rebecca Louise Burch
Rebecca Louise Burch

Following his international success with the suprising „Deep Down Below“ cover of legendary Trance and Rave duo RMB, Frozen Skies comes up with his latest Original, „Eternal Flame“, featuring outstanding Singaporean singer and songwriter Rebecca Louise Burch. Burch who previously was featured in Hazem Beltagui’s track „Lost Again“ on Future Sound Of Egypt (FSOE) / Armada Music, delivered the beautiful vocals for the track Eternal Flame.

Featuring remixes by top act newcomers and more known names such as Nick Revive, Divaiz, Derek Aether, Karzen, Sebastian Zetben, Fresh Code, The Masks, Lusvin Alexander, Toshihiro, RAID, Emil Sorous, Infected X, Greg Dusten, Frank LaVerne and NKLA, bringing together producers from literally all over the world into one release.



And if you can’t get enough of her voice, you can also
check out Rebeccas track with Hazem Beltagui – Lost Again.

Frozen Skies feat. Rebecca Louise Burch – Eternal Flame
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